I’ve lived my whole life under a rock. What is rape?

Here’s the official definition:

“Forced (non-consensual) sexual intercourse, including vaginal, anal, or oral penetration. Penetration may be by a body part or an object.”

Here’s a great video that explains consent using chai as a metaphor.

Why is it “rape” when there are two people are involved? Ek haath se tali nahin bajti, right?

Yes, ‘it takes two hands to clap’, but that doesn’t factor in consent. Watch the ‘Consent and Tea’ video linked above to see why it’s not okay to force sex in any form on anybody, if that wasn’t clear enough already.

What causes rape?

Despite popular beliefs, rape is not caused by “English” music, chowmein, or short dresses. It isn’t caused by women working, drinking, or being out late. It’s caused by the rapist’s desire to exert power over her and forcibly take away her bodily autonomy.

What if I get raped wearing a Super Sanskari Saree?

Well, that would confirm what most people have known for a while; In order to prevent rape, we shouldn’t change women’s clothes but society’s mindset.

Is rape really that big of an issue?

Yes. Yes it is. Recent Indian stats list that 106 rapes happen everyday. 4 of 10 victims are minors. And the conviction rates are still dismal.

Don’t we have laws against this?

Let this sink in, in a whopping 94.6% of cases, the perpetrator is the victim’s family, friend, or acquintance making rape, a wildly underreported crime. On top of that victim-blaming across society prevents victims from getting the help they need.

The laws exist, but the change needs to begin within society first.

Are these sarees really for sale?

No, and we hope they’ll never be needed. The collection is comment on the ridiculousness of victim blaming. The ‘price’ listed is a suggested donation to our fundraiser for Sayfty.

Can I donate from outside India?

Yes! Check out our donations page for FAQ on foreign donations. Thank you for supporting our Indian naaris* from wherever you are located!

*naari = women

Where is the money going?

Founded by Dr. Shruti Kapoor in 2013, Sayfty educates and empowers women and girls against all forms of violence.

Click here to see how Sayfty’s programs and initiatives are helping women in India.

  1. $25 provides a 2-hr safe and sound workshop to 1 girl/woman in new york city

  2. $45 provides a 2 hours self-defense workshop for 3 women/girl in India

  3. $100 sponsor a 2 hr child sexual abuse workshop for 10-15 children in India

  4. $150 provides a 2-hour self-defense workshop to 10 students in India.

Why did you create this?

We were shocked and saddened to see victim blaming resurface in the context of India’s rape culture. Enough is enough. We wanted to push the conversation beyond social media likes and shares.

Who are you?

We are 4 advertising creatives that wanted to use our skills to effect real change. Find more information about us in the ‘Contact’ section of the website.