You’ve probably seen this video of auntyji, who told a group of young girls they ‘deserved to be raped’ for wearing short dresses.

In India, many people believe that rape is a victim’s fault.

While she may have apologized, she has started a national conversation about victim shaming, moral policing, and flawed patriarchal norms that are still rampant. This politician said non-vegetarian food and mobile phones encourage rape. This one blamed Indian-Chinese cuisine. This one literally said, “if you can’t prevent rape, enjoy it.”

Enough is enough.

As a response to #viralaunty we created a line of Sarees that are so modest, they would be ‘rape-proof’. The sad thing is no matter how they dress, every 15 minutes a child in India is sexually assaulted. Every 20 minutes a woman is raped.

The honest truth?

Clothing won’t change rapists. Education, law, and empowering women will. The ‘price’ of each saree will be donated to Sayfty, with the aim of empowering women and promoting their safety—done in a manner that is realistic and not ridiculous.