Ending rape begins with
empowering women.


Donate to our campaign partner, Sayfty.
Their initiatives use education and empowerment to prevent rape. Not modest clothing.


Donating from outside India? Some FAQ:

What is Ketto?

Ketto.org is a fundraising platform like GoFundMe for Indian causes.

Can I use a non-Indian debit or credit card?

Yes, you can.

What about PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or ApplePay?

Sure, contact tanvitandon5@gmail.com

How much is ₹1000 rupees?

$1 = ₹69.50

So, a quick guide:
₹ 300 = $ 4.32
₹ 500 = $ 7.18
₹ 1000 = $ 14.36
₹ 2500 = $ 35.97
₹ 4000 = $ 57.55

Why was my payment declined?

Ketto is from India and takes Indian Rupees, your bank may give you a fraud alert so check your email/text messages if your payment is declined. Once you approve the transaction with your bank, try again and it should work.

What is a pin code and why does it have to be 6 digits?

Pincode = zipcode. If yours is only 5 digits, add a 0 to the front.

The zero didn’t work?

If your payment method needs the zip code linked to your card, in some instances 5 digits will work. You will just need to go back, remove the zero and proceed again.

Where is the money going?

Founded by Dr. Shruti Kapoor in 2013, Sayfty educates and empowers women and girls against all forms of violence.

Click here to see how Sayfty’s programs and initiatives are helping women in India.

  1. $25 provides a 2-hr safe and sound workshop to 1 girl/woman in new york city

  2. $45 provides a 2 hours self-defense workshop for 3 women/girl in India

  3. $100 sponsor a 2 hr child sexual abuse workshop for 10-15 children in India

  4. $150 provides a 2-hour self-defense workshop to 10 students in India.