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‘Rape-proof’ clothing
for objects who want to
be treated like women.

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Ladies, are your
short dresses
inviting rape?

These Super Sanskari* Sarees are made with anti-rape technology and, according to some Indians, will make women invisible to rapists. Protect yourself from prying eyes and unwelcome penises with this ultra-modest collection. Because when there’s nothing to see, there’s nothing to rape.



Ambitious Naari
Office Saree

It’s great that your husband lets you go to work, but let’s not forget that he’s the boss of you, everywhere. This gorgeous green saree ensures that your body, as well as your career aspirations, remain covered.


Changing clothes won’t stop rape. Changing mindsets will.

Auntyji may have apologized, but slut shaming and victim blaming are a persistent menace in India. Let’s get real, rape is never, ever, (ever) the victim’s fault. But if dressing head to toe in a Sanskari Saree isn’t the solution, what is?

We partnered with Sayfty, an organization that empowers and protects women from sexual violence and assault. Please donate to help support a cause that actually protects women. Unlike modest clothing.


Sanskari Item-Number Saree

Everyone knows if you’re at a club drinking and dancing, you’re practically asking to be raped. This shimmering pink saree will ensure no one tries to buy you a drink, because sanskari girls shouldn’t be drinking in the first place.


Help us raise funds to make an actual difference.

Sayfty’s vision is to make the daily lives of millions of Indian women safer by empowering them to take a stance against gender violence and sexual abuse. Their programs and initiatives are focused on education (of women and men), open discourse, and self-defence workshops.

Sun-skari Beachwear Saree

On Indian beaches, the last thing you want is to be showing any skin. Rather than a two-piece bikini, opt for this one-long-ass-piece yellow ‘biki-nahi’. It’s more powerful than SPF 70, protecting you from the sun and unwanted male attention at the same time.